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Automated Checklists, Remote Assistance and Augmented Reality.

Your Gateway to Industry 4.0


We use smartphones, tablets and smart glasses as our standard tools in the shop floor or anywhere information needs to be easily accessible to empower workers in their day-to-day activities and through their decision making turnpoints.

Ndestry is a powerful and robust platform with a software that is fast and easy to use during setup and data entry by managers and a mobile tool that is friendly and intuitive for workers during the execution of their tasks.

The adoption curve is super fast, and Augmented Reality plays a big role in turning highly technical and sometimes complex activities into simple and engaging interactions, with a gamified experience that increases attention and retention levels.

An Enterprise-Ready

Solution for All

Industry Segments.

Consolidate your knowledge

Gather information from everywhere, old files and user manuals, forms, notes on paper or the memories of your long time employees, and easily input them into our web platform.

Visualize in Augmented Reality

With graphic and interactive instructions displayed at the screen of the mobile devices in real time, augmented reality allows for knowledge to be ready and available where it is most needed: at the shop floor and in the hands of your frontline workers.

Centralize in one single place

Store data in the cloud and use our platform to build and manage checklists of all procedures, feeding your frontline workers’ mobile devices with automated instructions on the tasks to be executed.

Keep track in real time dashboards

Visualize, track and generate reports through smart and intuitive dashboards, feeding valuable data back into your operation and sustaining a virtuous cycle of improvement in your digital transformation journey.

Distribute to your frontline workers

Our mobile app allows for stored information to be viewed and new information to be gathered and uploaded, by the workers, in real time.

Provide expert assistance on the spot

Support your workforce with remote assistance whenever and wherever help is needed, with audio, video, text and augmented reality features that solve problems on the spot in a fast and streamlined way.

One platform that fits the needs of any business.

Different stages in digital maturity demand different levers of transformation in order to retain the most value out of the platform and foment intuitive and continuous learning.


Ndestry is a tool designed to help organizations in any stage through a 3-tiered framework that supports gradual growth and sustainable benefits, while implementing a solid digital culture.


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